HAYMOUR for Ward 2

New name Anirniq

Together we can bring common sense and financial control back to City Hall

Ali Haymour

I was born at the Royal Alexandra hospital and have lived in this Ward my whole life. I want to bring my desire for better governance to City Hall. We need an enthusiastic, energetic advocate to get results!

I want to make our Ward an amazing place to live, play, start a business, and raise a family.

I hope I can count on your's never been more important for you to get out and vote for the person you want to represent you on city council.

A little about me:

- Alberta Sheriff

- Canadian Armed Forces veteran

- Experienced business owner

- B.A. degree, Concordia

- Community volunteer

- Married with three great kids


Here are some issues I believe are important:


Eliminate spending on projects that have little or no value to most Edmontonians

Special interests groups seem to get too much money when they want a project...the people who yell the loudest get the most cash, and the rest of us get the cold shoulder. I want to see City Council make decisions based on greatest need, not greatest noise.

We all have shared needs such as garbage pickup, snow removal, street maintenance and repairs to bridges and city facilities. These expenses need to be a priority over flashy projects that are not much use to anybody except a very few.

I'm sure you can think of projects that make you shake your head at the wasted tax dollars and misguided efforts. Those are the things I want to address as your representative.


Get rid of photo radar and hidden ticket cameras

Photo Radar was sold to the public as a way to improve traffic safety. As we now see, it wasn't about safety at was about your money.  Edmonton still has fatal crashes, we still have pedestrians being hit, and we have tens of thousands of fender benders every year.

Most crashes are caused by reckless driving, driver inattention, tailgating or carelessness, and photo radar does nothing to fix those issues. Traffic safety is not achieved by sending a $115 ticket to someone going 59 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on the way home from work.

Automated enforcement is a way to pick your pocket, not make you safer. Don't get me wrong, I do not condone speeding, but automated tickets are not the way to achieve traffic safety. 

Police officers in unmarked vehicles can target the drivers who present the actual danger!


Promote and attract business and entrepreneurs to our Ward 

Small businesses are the economic lifeblood of any city. They provide jobs, a sense of community, tax dollars, and they make the city an attractive place to work and play.

I want to see entrepreneurs succeed at business within this Ward as well as other areas, and not take their talent and energies to other towns and cities. We are seeing too many businesses flee Edmonton for surrounding communities.

I want to get Edmonton back to being the city of choice for hard working, talented business owners and corporations.


Make this Ward a priority!

I believe a councillor should make sure their own Ward is taken care of first. We have needs that I feel have been neglected while expensive and desirable projects in other parts of the city have been approved.

Our Ward could use hockey and soccer facilities, community halls, a more vibrant business community, better access to transit...and we need someone to bring these issues to council.

That's my goal as your take care of my home Ward first!


Protect your choice to drive your vehicle within the city without financial penalty

City Council is looking at plans to basically force citizens to use public transit by doubling the cost of driving your own vehicle in the city.  I think is a ridiculous and politically misguided idea.

Council is considering creating toll roads into the city, closing some streets to traffic, charging drivers by the mile, and quadrupling the cost of parking. Can you afford to pay that?

I am all for public transit and I will promote it when appropriate, but not everybody has the option of using the bus or LRT, especially when the city is cutting bus routes.

Our city is huge, and getting bigger every year. Not everyone has convenient access to public transit. People need to drive from surrounding areas to get to you want to pay a toll every day to get into the city?

The people who cannot use public transit should not be penalized with outrageous parking fees and other economic hammers to keep cars off the road!


Seniors Advisory Committee

Today’s seniors and retirees are the people who made this city vibrant and successful, and they still have contributions to make.

The mandate of the Seniors’ Advisory Committee will be to examine, discuss and advise city council on issues such as housing, taxation, transportation, healthcare and recreation as they pertain to the special needs of seniors.

City planning must not be considered just from a younger person’s view. As we get older our needs, abilities and interests change. City services and facilities need to accommodate these changes.

Seniors should be included in every discussion to identify problems and suggest solutions to the barriers that impede their full participation in every aspect of civic life.

The Seniors’ Advisory Committee will provide input to city council and staff on a wide variety of topics, including their take on policies from other levels of government. And, perhaps most importantly, the committee will communicate with all citizens regarding programs and issues of interest.


Please Donate

Your financial support is vital

As you can imagine, a political campaign costs money. Advertising, printing, postage, signs, telephones, all adds up.

Council elections are not big dollar affairs; I don't have corporations or deep pocket special interest groups backing me. I rely on concerned citizens like you to donate $20, $50, or even $100 to help me reach city hall.

It's a win-win for us both. With your donation I can afford to run a top notch campaign, and you get a trusted, energetic representative on City Council.

Thanks for your help.  Ali. 

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